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Chapter 3:

Fakir woke up that morning with a strange sensation but he didn't know what the sensation meant so he didn't pay attention to that so much.
Like every day, he went to his classes in the morning after he leaved his lovely little duck to her lake.

The day was quite normal, nothing strange happened. When he returned to the lake at the evening to write and explain to his duck another story like every evening before they come back home, he found there was no Ahiru anywhere.

-Ahiru! Ahiru!- Fakir nervously called her. Nobody answered. - Where are you? Please answer me! Where are you? Ahiruuuuu!

Again, no one answered him. He stayed for a moment waiting for her but, at the end he stayed up and went home disappointed because his lovely friend disappeared.

Ahiru listened to Fakir calling her loudly, she could answer him but she can't do that.
She promised. Her deal with Drosselmeyer was that she could be Princess Tutu and human again however before she has ended her own story Fakir does not have to know she can be a girl again.

Ahiru waited until Fakir leaved the lake, then she went to find her first mission, Drosselmeyer told her what does she had to do.

-Ahiru, listen to me my little duck.

-Tell me, what do I have to do?

-Be my puppet again and go to find the thing that belongs to you.

-Like the heart of the prince?

-No, Ahiru-chan- Drosselmeyer said- Your story little duck, what's your story? Find the things that will tell you your own story, discover your live, your past and then I will give you your future… hehehe.

-What kind of things…

-That's up to you, Ahiru-chan. See you my puppet and … walk.

After that words she started to walk somewhere, she didn't know where because the writing of Drosselmeyer was controlled her.
Until she arrived at the forest she didn't stop walking. Now was her turn to choose the way she had to take.

-Drosselmeyer didn't tell me any clue, where should I go? - She asked her self. - Maybe that way.

A little light was shinning somewhere between the forest trees. Ahiru went inside trying to find the light source.
She walked and kept walking and when she thought she was near a mysterious mist involved her.

-What's happening? - Ahiru said.

-Who's there?

-It's me, Princess Tutu.

-Princess Tutu? - Asked the voice in the light focus.- In my kingdom he had a princess too… And we had also King and Queen. We were happy, people were happy and prosperity flowed with the wind.

Ahiru waited for the second part.

-But one day, a prince appeared when the king died. Our princess didn't want to marry him and run away from her responsibility. She went somewhere we don't know. Our Queen is so sad and alone, the prince is waiting for her in the tower she used to use as her bedroom. We, the people who lived there, we must went out from our lives looking for the prosperity we used to have in the past. Now everything is grey.

-I'm so sorry. Is not fair you have to pay for the irresponsibility of your princess. But I understand her… Nobody would have to marry someone they don't want to.

-But now… we don't have future.

-You have it. You can choose your future, it's your choice. Please let me see you, I can help your heart.

The fog leaved thanks to a breeze, little by little a shadow come out and was approaching to her since she could perceive that the voice came from a lady. She seemed to be young however the sadness which she was involved for made her looked like she was older.

-You can't help me- continued the girl- Since the grey days …

Ahiru, Princess Tutu, invited her to dance. The music started and violins were playing a beautiful and strangely happy as well as sad.

(The song is from Beethoven:….)

-Please, dance with me…- she extended her hand to the lady. - I know you are sad, but you can't be like this for ever… you don't need a princess in your kingdom to be happy, no one is the leader of your life even you, you are your own princess, your boss.- They were dancing when Princess Tutu explain her point of view to the lady. - You can do it different, you can change if you want and have your own colourful space. Your kingdom is your house.

-But without her, without King we are lost.

-You can change it. Everything is stopped because you and your neighbours feel lost, but you aren't. Go and try to run the things they aren't. Tell them nothing is impossible, believe.

-You are right; it's not the end of the kingdom… not the end of our lives.

-It's just a phase. - Everything around them was flowers dancing with them. - I was sad also, my love can't be in love with me and I'm a princess without kingdom. But I'm not sad because I can help others and that will be my people, I'm Princess because I can help and that's what princesses do. I can see my prince every evening that's all I need to be happy.

-We all had a sad past but we could have our happy future madding our present. You can do whatever you want. I understand now. Thank you Princess Tutu.

-Now… go to change your life.

The song ended, the lady went away to change her future, to make her present and to forget the past.
Ahiru turned to Fakir's house waiting at the window, now as a Ahiru the girl. She remembered what Drosselmeyer said.

"You can't tell him until the day has arrived or…"

She didn't want to know what was behind the "or…" so she just clucked and behind a light she turned again to be a duck.

-What was that light?- Fakir came to the window and open it- Ahiru?- the little duck was at the window.

-Fakir…- thought her. – I'm sorry I can't tell you anything.

-Where were you? I was worried. Come in.

He went to bed an Ahiru followed him and curled up with him on the bed waiting for the sunrise.
The 3 rd chapter. HOPE you enjoy it ^w^

And again sorry for my english, I tried to do it my best >.<

Correct me please if you see something really bad in the writting.
Thanks a lot for reading and comment if you want ^w^.
See you Tutu lovers ^.^
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